Akwa opened its doors in 1991 and quickly became
one of the leading role players in the pet and animal
welfare retail sectors in the country.

The company offers a wide-range of quality products,
manufactured at our own factory and supplemented by a
variety of specialised brands imported from Europe and China.

Over the past three decades, many of the company’s
products have become trusted brands, offered at
competitive prices on shelves in both small and large
pet and veterinarian stores across Southern Africa.

Akwa has an expert and dedicated production and sales team. We are focusing on our specialised services consisting of textile manufacturing, plastic moulding, chemical formulated products that aid in the hygienic and medical well-being of small mammals, fish, birds and other household pets. We also take pride in our labeling and packaging department.

Our mission is to offer quality products at an
affordable price, with a strong focus on after-sales service.