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(L)480 x (W)300 x (H)420mm

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Product features
1. Heat bending process, one-piece molding.
2. Self-circulating filtration.
3. High-definition digital display.
4. High bright led light.
Self-circulation multiple filtering

Perfect series

Golden ratio, does not take up space
Scene show

Airy and transparent
Zero distance and fish interaction
Clear vision, crystal clear
More “HD” fish viewing experience

Heat Bending Process
One-piece molding
Double-arc three-sided one-piece molding
Double-sided arc, wider view

Self-circulating filtration
Reduce water change rate
Built-in biochemical filter cotton + large-capacity filter material box
Greatly reduce the rate of water change

HD digital display
Real-time temperature monitoring
Temperature sensing probe and cover integration
Can monitor the water temperature in real time and take care of the fish

Illuminate the beauty of fish
High brightness LED fish tank light
Multi-color color changing LED lighting
Let the face value not be dark

Top feeding hole
User-friendly design
Feeding hole a push a pull, feeding more convenient
Easy feeding without wet hands
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