Total Power Pure Colour

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Product Features
This product uses the original seal technology, it can submerse safely. The product uses the LED lamp.
High light efficiency, slow light droop, good light ray, long working life, low power dissipation, Eco-friendly,
which rich the color of the fish. The effect is unprecedented.

Using Instructions
– Please check the product whether there is damaged or broken. In order to avoid causing other unnecessary
loss, don’t use it if there is damaged or broken.
– If the lamp has the phenomenon of water in using, please cut off the power and stop using.
– Please confirm the power, voltage whether are consistent with specification marking before using.

1. Before using this product, the user must check whether the voltage marked on the nameplate it
consistent with the actual voltage.
2. When installing or removing the lamp body, the plug must be turned off first and the power
supply must be cut off to ensure safety.
3. Please protect the lamp body. In case of serious collision, please check whether the lamp body
is broken. If it is broken, please stop using it immediately.



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