PLASTIC PLANT / 2.5 – PP9934

Give your Aquarium/Terrarium life, color and depth for years to come

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Aquariums/Terrariums can be boring for both owners and fish/reptile without the addition of colorful aquarium/terrarium plants.

The bright colors are fade-resistant in freshwater tanks & terrariums.
They can also easily be moved around as you develop the paradise in your aquarium/terrarium.

Plastic Plants are non-toxic and relatively soft, so they won’t harm fish. It provides an excellent hiding place for fish/reptile and is a beautiful decoration in your aquarium/terrarium.

Rinse in warm water before use. Place in the aquarium/terrarium and cover the base with gravel/substrate.

Caution: Never use soap or detergent on any items placed in your aquarium/terrarium, as they are highly toxic to fish/reptiles.

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