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Set of 6pcs stainless steel snake sexing probes speculum The snake sex speculum detecting probe kit includes:
2*1mm Diameter Probe
1*1.5mm Diameter Probe
1*2mm Diameter Probe
1*3mm Diameter Probe
1*5mm Diameter Probe
This snake probe kit help you detect the sex of snakes. These probes are used for sexing reptiles and especially snakes. This method usually supplies accurate results,It is also the best way to sex the animals .

Snake sex probe speculum – 4 ball tipped probes and 2 micro probes in a foam case. Instructions for use are included. Ball tips are 150mm x 5mm end; 150mm x 3mm end; 120mm x 2mm end; 95mm x 1mm end; 2 x micro probes less than 1mm with handle. Probes are a very accurate way to sex animals properly. You must use suitable lubricant with these as you can injure the animal. Sexing of reptiles is important to ensure harmony, eg in some case females will co-exist in the same vivarium but males will not.

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