Make it easier to drain or fill the tank with fresh water

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Product Features

Quickly change water

Just use a long flexible hose and 2 flow valves, you can change the aquarium water quicker and easier. No need for electricity, it’s a semi-automatic aquarium water changer suitable for medium and large fish tanks, making it easier to drain or fill the tank with fresh water. No spill, no mess, and no heavy buckets of water lifting for changing dirty water and adding clean water.

Aquarium gravel cleaning

When you use a hygger water changer to suck away aquarium dirty water, you can move the gravel tube to clean the gravel or install the duck-billed one to clean fish feces. With the pressure from the water, the gravel and sand can be sucked up to the gravel tube to vacuum out the debris in the stone.

Non-electric & Quiet

This aquarium water changer is not electric. No noise and no disturbance to your fish or plants. With 2 orange valves on the water changer connectors, you can control the flow direction of the water. All you need to do is to control the 2 valves and open the faucet.

3 sizes available

Choose the size according to the distance from your fish tank to the sink faucet. Flexible water hose lengths available: 25 feet, 33 feet, and 49 feet. The 3 length sizes of flexible tubing available ID 12 mm OD 16 mm. Each pack comes with 2 separate faucet adapters (13/16 inch, 15/16 inch) and one built-in faucet female adaptor (1 inch), so the water changer can be used for most faucets.

Durable to use

The flexible water hose is thick and durable, PVC material made.

Porous filter sheet

There is a porous filter sheet in the gravel tube connector, so no worries about fish sucking.

Directions for Use

It’s effortless to use, just need to attach the water flow assembly to the faucet to change the fish tank water. You can choose the right size according to your needs or cut the hose to your needs.

Steps to Change Water

Step 1: To change aquarium water, connect the flexible hose to the water flow assembly and the gravel tube.
Step 2: Submerge the gravel tube in the aquarium tank and keep its orange valve closed.
Step 3: Keep the water flow assembly orange valve open, and open the faucet.
Step 4: Open the gravel tube valve, then the dirty water will be sucked into the hose and flow away.
Follow the steps above, you can drain the dirty water and refill the fish tank with fresh water easily.

Tips to Use the Water Changer

1. If the faucet has a sprayer or filter head, you need to unscrew that and then screw the connector onto the faucet.
2. When you drain the water from the tank, the water flow assembly valve should be open. Please close the vacuum tube valve first. Only after you open the faucet, can you open the vacuum valve.
3. For suction to be provided, the water needs to remain running while draining the tank.
4. The sinks you are using should be level with the tank or lower than it.
5. To turn on or off the orange control valves on the water changer, you just need to rotate the valve by 1/4 turn up or down.

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