Achieve mysterious fogging with hygger high-frequency ultrasonic mist maker machine

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Product Features

Mysterious fogging effect

hygger Mist Maker uses high-frequency ultrasonic vibration to water into the natural and relaxing mist to achieve mysterious fogging in no time!

Safe to use

No chemical and dry ice was used. 24 V low voltage DC-powered design keeps you and your fish safe. It makes an ideal mist effect for aquariums, fountains, ponds, water features, botanical gardens, and any other places you want to create a mysterious look.

Auto shut off

The fog maker will be off when it comes out of the water and will restart when it fully submerges. As the water evaporates quickly, please always keep the mist maker fully submerged, and fill the water as needed.


This mist maker machine is made of corrosion-resistant aluminum alloy.

Directions for Use

How to use Hygger mist maker in an aquarium?

1. Place the fogger machine fully submerged in water.
2. Put it on top of a rock or things that can hold it.
3. Plug it in.
4. To achieve the best fogging effect, please keep the mist maker fully submerged and 0.4 – 1.2 inches below the water.


Mist Maker Size: 1.77 inches diameter, 1.1 inches height
Material: Aluminum
Input: 110-120 V, 50 Hz
Output: DC 24 V
Cable Length: 6.46 Feet

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