Aquarium Auto Top Off Kit auto refill and drain water for saltwater and freshwater tank

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Product Features

Double Application

Hygger Auto Top Off system can auto refill and single click to drain aquarium water. Put the water pump in the fish tank, and plug the pump cord into the upper (Yellow light hole) to drain the water. On the contrary, put the water pump into the reserve water tank and plug in the blue light hole for auto refill water, and plug in an external optical sensor to avoid water shortage in the reserve water container.

You can press the “M” button to pause/change the working mode.

Simple to Use

Easy to install and use in a fish tank, with no complicated programs. When you connect the water pump, the external sensor and power supply begin to monitor and it’s ready to run. Suitable for saltwater and freshwater tank of up to 60 gallons. Can be installed in a cabinet filter or directly on the aquarium edge. Because of monitoring, no need to worry about the water shortage in the hidden spare water tank.

Sound Alarm

New security technology, two optical sensors monitor the water levels, and double protection can attract your attention quickly. When the below situations occur, it will make a loud beeping sound to warn you: ① The water pump that is placed in the bucket is out of water. The ② Water pump’s electric wire is unplugged. The ③ External sensor is out of water. ④ Fish tank water level is higher than the auto top-off monitor pump.

LED Indicators Alarm

If the red light is constantly on, it is working normally; If it is off, it means something is wrong. When other lights flash, it indicates an issue with the device; so the top-off kit needs to be checked and corrected regarding the manual.

YELLOW LIGHT: water pump to drain water;

BLUE LIGHT: water pump refills water;

GREEN LIGHT: external optical sensor;

RED LIGHT: power adapter.


ATO Monitor x 1, super strong magnetic, firmly fixed on the wall of the fish tank (≤ 12 mm)
Water Pump x 1, DC 12 V 5 W, H. max: 6.5 FT, Q. max: 74 GPH
Power adapter x 1, DC 12 V 1 A
Universal holder x 1, for 3/4 inch thickness tank

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