Treats Fin Rot & Wounds

2 Day Course for 20,000L

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Acriflavin is marketed in accordance with the Exemption for small pet animals.

Warning applies to undiluted product. May cause an allergic skin reaction.

For fungal infections which may appear white, green or brown in colour.
1. Notes: Switch off u.v. light and remove carbon & zeolite. Do not use simultaneously with other medications. Allow 7 days to elapse before using any other disease treatment.
Do not use in hot midday sun or in stormy conditions. Do not use in water temperatures above 30°C. Aerate pond water during use. Should any adverse reaction be noticed, carry out
a partial water change. Use waterlife test kits to analyse the pond water. NB. Not suitable for orfe, rudd, sturgeon or sterlets.

2. Calculate pond capacity: for square ponds, for litres – (L x W x D) in cms divide by 1000. Allow for water displaced by rocks etc.

3. Directions: Tighten cap & shake bottle. Use the cup to measure the correct dose.

4. Frequency of treatment: Mix the measured dose into a clean watering can and spread evenly over the pond surface.
1ml – 80 litres. Use on days 1 & 7. After last dose wait 7 days and carry out 30% water change. Do not overdose.

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