Water Tigers & Gill Maggots.
For garden ponds. Safe with fish, plants and filters.

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Fish lice (Argulus), anchor worm (Lernea), gill maggots (Ergasilus) are just some of the horrific parasites / predators, which can attack fish and are almost invisible to the naked eye. Parazin P destroys these and other insect and crustacean parasites / predators found in garden ponds. This is a unique and revolutionary product that usually only requires one dose per infestation.

Notes: Leave biological filtration running. Switch off u.v. sterilisers and remove carbon and / or ammonia removers before use. Resume 48 hrs. after the last symptoms are seen. Waterlife’s Algizin G / BioMat may be used to assist water clarity during this time. Parazin P is safe with pond fish, plants and filtration. N.B. Do not use with freshwater crayfish or related species. Parazin P works most efficiently in water temperatures above 10°C.

1. To calculate a square pond capacity:
For litres – (L x W x D) in cms and divide by 1000. Allow for water displaced by slopes, shelves etc.

2. Directions: Use 1 tablet per 115 litres (25 galls.) of pond water. Add the correct number of tablets to a clean watering can and fill with water. Once dissolved sprinkle over the entire surface of the pond. If necessary, repeat treatment after 2 weeks to catch all stages of the organisms’ life cycle.

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