Reptile Heating pads are an important part of any reptile terrarium setup. They provide a steady source of direct heat for your reptile which is vital for its health and survival.
Reptile Heating Pads is suitable for reptiles and other exotic pets to keep their terrarium warm.

Available Sizes: 9W   –  200 x 150mm
9W   –  160 x 130mm
9W   –  490 x  50mm
15W   –  350 x 200mm
25W   –  350 x 200mm
25W   –  350 x 350mm

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Connection Instructions

• Do not cut or remove the metal tips of the two heating pad wires.
• Extend two pad wires with two cord wires (.4mm up to .75mm) with the use of a terminal connector block.
• The use of a switch is optional.
• Only use L and N terminals on your plug. No earth is required.
• Plug directly into 220/240V wall plug.


• Internal terrarium heat will vary in relation to the terrarium size.
• Cover heating pad with cage carpet or substrate.
• It is recommended to cover 30% of terrarium floor. Do not cover more than 50%.
• Can be connected to a temperature controller, but it is not required.
• Do not place food or water bowl on top of heating pad.
(Water may evaporate and food may perish quicker).
• Monitor temperature in terrarium, carefully the first 24 hours to ensure you’ve purchased the right model.


• Keep Heating Pad Dry.
• Do not handle pad whilst unit is plugged in.
• Do not bend or cut.
• Do not allow direct contact between pad and reptile. Always cover pad with substrate or carpet to diffuse heat evenly.

Use only quality non-abrasive substrates natural – clean – safe – tested

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